IZUMO is a project for "otaku" who are passionate about anime, manga, game and VTubing culture.

We will create a place for streamers, illustrators, music and video producers to generate income for their passions sustainably.

The first step of IZUMO is to find people who love Ailis from all over the world.
Are you ready?
Ailis is a humanoid singing android with the mission of "connecting the world."

She is an incomplete being and needs the support of fans to give her life. Your love is her energy.
Ailis is a humanoid singing android with the mission of "connecting the world."

She is an incomplete being and needs the support of fans to give her life. Your love is her energy.
Hello, my name is SHOKUEN. I love fashion design and illustrations that make use of jingai characters (humans with animal-like traits). After working for a game company, I became independent. In the past, I have worked on character design and illustrations for Holostars, Alchemy Stars, CHUNITHM NEW! and Azur Lane. Favorite anime: - THE IDOLM@STER sideM - Natsume Yuujinchou - Fate/Grand Order -絶対魔獣戦線バビロニア-
Hi there, my name is GOTYOU! I am an illustrator who loves anime and Vtubers. While working for an automobile-related company, I published manga in Mangatime Kirara and Mangatime Kirara Carino magazines. I departed from the automotive company in 2013 and since then have been working full time as an illustrator in various fields, including light novels and mobile games. Favorite anime: - Gundam - Ghost in the Shell - Sword Art Online
Hi, my name is SoySauceMAN. I am a professional 3D artist. As a director and Rigger, I have worked on more than 20 very famous titles, including major IDOL management games that you all would surely know, fighting games, and action games." Favorite anime: - AKIRA - Ghost in the Shell - Cowboy bebop
Hi, I'm Captain, an anime and VTuber lover. I started Connehito at the age of 23 and after several pivots, we developed a community app for families called "mamari". The app is used continuously by 1/3 of mothers in Japan, and the company joined the KDDI Group, a Japanese mega telecom company, through M&A in 2016. Entertainment has always been therapeutic for me. This passion led to my desire to start a business in this field, and in 2021 I started VTuber agency "PRISM Project." As a producer, I was involved in all character design and talent audition processes. Although SONY acquired the business in 2022 for further expansion, I still sneak in and watch their livestreams from time to time. As part of my life's work, I became an angel investor, worked with more than 70 startups worldwide, and was an early investor in AnyColor (TYO: 5032), operator of the largest VTuber group in the world, "Nijisanji." Selected as Forbes 30 under 30 in Asia 2018 Favorite anime: - Spirited Away - The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya - Pompo: The Cinéphile
Hello, I’m Ramen. I co-founded two startups with Cap since 2012. I've learned a lot of lessons throughout my time in the startup business. Some of the most exciting challenges I took on were inventing a unique machine-learning model and creating an app used by over 7 million users. After my first exit, I decided to travel and learn more about different cultures around the world. Over this time I visited 60 cities across 40 different countries, gained a greater understanding of startups from a global level, and had the opportunity to invest in many promising entrepreneurs. When I was in kindergarten, my family introduced me to reading the Weekly Shonen Jump magazine, and this child-like passion has remained with me ever since. Even now I still play Pokemon Go on a daily basis and have been since its launch in 2016. If you like Japanese ramen, let’s go and eat together! Favorite anime: - Yu-Gi-Oh! - Ghost in the Shell - CODE GEASS Lelouch of the Rebellion


We aim to equip creators with a wider range of tools to unleash their full potential.

That is why we made the decision to release Ailis’ avatar to the public for free. More information is outlined as to the exact details of what is allowed in the following art license, but our goal is to create as little barrier to entry as possible to give people the ability to create with Ailis. This is why there is no usage fee or financial obligation to own NFTs for the use of these assets. While these assets did require a significant investment and passion from their creators to produce, we firmly believe that releasing these assets is the best step to take to support the wonderful talents of creators. We hope to foster passion and innovation in the long run and place these ideals much higher than that of our own business interests.

Purpose of Art License

We at IZUMO hope that many creators, both individuals and corporations, for-profit and non-profit, will utilize Ailis for their creative activities, and that this will invigorate creator activities.

At the same time, Ailis is not under the CC0 license, and IZUMO holds the copyright to the character. This decision was made to show respect to the original creators behind Ailis and to establish guidelines to protect them.

Therefore, the purpose of this art license is to clarify these points and to provide guidelines for creators to expand their self-expression through Ailis.


  1. Derivative works are welcome.
  2. Ailis’ avatar assets can be used for personal or commercial purposes.
  3. Ailis’ avatar assets cannot be used for hate speech, illegal activities, actions against public order and morality, harassment, slander, or violent expressions, in accordance with the prohibited acts.
  4. Respect the original creators and include proper credit when using Ailis avatar assets.

Based on the above basic principles, the art license for Ailis avatar assets is as follows.

How to Use

Available Materials
  • Ailis avatar assets provided by IZUMO through its official website
What You Can Do

Ailis avatar assets that you download are free to use for both personal and commercial use. Specific uses include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Creation, exhibition, distribution, and delivery of illustrations, comics, novels, videos, and magazine contents, and their sales
  • Creation, distribution, and sale of applications, games, music, audio works, 2D/3D models, etc.
  • Creation, exhibition, distribution, and sale of figures, dolls, cosplay, other three-dimensional works, costumes, etc.
  • Creation and sale of NFTs
    *If you wish to create and sell a Generative NFT, please consult the IZUMO team before creating and launching your NFT.
Unavailable Materials
  • Material not provided by IZUMO as downloadable material
How to Credit

Content created using avatar assets must be marked “Fan creation of Ailis by IZUMO.com” in their description so that it makes remarkable as derivative works.

About the use of Generative AI

Regarding art created using Generative AI, please comply with the following, which is different from the scope of use described above.

  • At present, AI learning and AI art generation using Ailis’ avatar assets are only available for personal use, such as fan art creation.
  • Please be sure to add one of the following statements in addition to the above credit notation to make it clear that the art is AI-generated.
    • Include the hashtag #AilisAI in the artwork description or Twitter post
    • Embed the logo image of “AilisAI,” which was distributed as an avatar asset, on the generated artwork.

Prohibited Usages

Usage that damages the image of Ailis
  • Usage that could be misunderstood as official works or official content from IZUMO
    • Titles of creative works that are mistaken as official, such as "Ailis Collection" or "IZUMO NFT," etc.
    • Tracing assets as they are, which lack creativity
    • Usage of materials that falsely claim to be official
  • Usage that violates public morals, such as infringement of others' rights, hate speech, harassment, and defamation
  • Usage of works created as secondary creations without the original creator’s permission
Commercial use with cumulative revenues exceeding 2M USD

Businesses using Ailis avatar assets are free to develop without permission as long as they have a cumulative revenue of up to 2M USD or less. If your business is larger than that, you will need to obtain permission from IZUMO, mainly to avoid problems. If you anticipate that your business will reach 2M USD in cumulative revenue, please contact us.

To maintain the worldview of IZUMO, please use the contents in accordance with public order and morals.

Please note that IZUMO will determine the scope of application of the above in its sole discretion. If you have any questions regarding use or sales, please do not hesitate to contact us.

IZUMO's Rights

  • The IZUMO team has the right to original artwork related to Ailis and the freedom to use it.
  • We may publish, introduce, and use derivative works related to Ailis on social media etc. (We will consult with you in advance regarding activities that involve the sale of derivative works or other income-generating activities.)
  • The IZUMO team reserves the right to modify this art license at will without prior notice.

By using avatar assets, you agree to this art license.


This is an art license for "Ailis," and it does not apply to any NFTs or various projects planned in the future.

This license was created with reference to the following sources. We are grateful for their contribution to the understanding and advancement of art licensing.

Updated: May 1st, 2023
Published: March 17th, 2023

Contact Us: contact[at]izumo.com

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